Using this product
This product is a streaming adapter that can be controlled via MusicCast
CONTROLLER. By connecting this adapter to an audio device that does not
support network functions, you can easily enjoy audio streaming services. In
addition, you can configure a home audio network by connecting this product to
other MusicCast-compatible devices.
For more information on home audio networks, refer to “Configuring the
MusicCast network” (P. 12).
MusicCast CONTROLLER: an app
that lets you enjoy MusicCast
You can listen to music from anywhere in your home using MusicCast.
MusicCast is a feature that enables you to share and play music on multiple
audio devices located in different rooms.
Using the free app “MusicCast CONTROLLER” on your mobile device, you can
enjoy music in several ways, such as listening to an Internet radio station
simultaneously on multiple MusicCast-compatible devices, or playing music files
stored on your mobile device, PC, or on a server, such as a Network-Attached
Storage (NAS) device.
For more information on “MusicCast CONTROLLER” (called “app” elsewhere in
this manual), visit the following website.
To use the app, a wireless LAN environment is required.
Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
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