4Connect to the network.
Download and install the MusicCast CONTROLLER app to your mobile
device from the App Store or Google Play. Once you start the app, follow the
instructions in the app to complete the settings.
For a LAN cable connection, connect a commercially-available STP (shielded
twisted pair) network cable (straight, CAT-5 or higher) to the [NETWORK] terminal on
the rear panel.
If your router supports multiple SSIDs (network names), connect the mobile device
to the primary SSID network (Primary SSID, 1st SSID, etc.).
For more information about Internet connections, please refer to the instruction
manual supplied with your network device.
The unit may not be able to access your personal computer or Internet radio station
due to security software or network device settings (such as a firewall). In this case,
change the settings on the security software or the network device.
Auto standby
This unit automatically engages standby mode if you do not operate it for 20
minutes while the playback is stopped. You can change this setting using
MusicCast CONTROLLER. On the room selecting screen, tap [ (Settings)]
and change the setting.
2 3
Hold down the [CONNECT]
button for five seconds.
[Bottom panel]
[Front panel]
When the Power indicator
turns from flashing to lit,
proceed to the next operation.
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