First steps
Setting up the charger
The charger is designed for use in dry rooms in a temperature range of +5°C
to +45°C.
¤Set up the charger on a level, non-slip surface or mount the charger on the wall
(¢page 41).
The phone's feet do not usually leave any marks on surfaces. However, due to the
multitude of different varnishes and polishes used on today's furnishings, the
occurrence of marks on the surfaces cannot be completely ruled out.
Please note:
uNever expose the telephone to the effects of heat sources, direct sunlight or
other electrical devices.
uProtect your Gigaset from moisture, dust, corrosive liquids and fumes.
Connecting the charger
Please note
Pay attention to the range of the base.
This is up to 300 m in unobstructed outdoor areas and up to 50 m inside build-
ings. The range is reduced when Eco Mode is activated (¢page 30).
¤Plug the power adapter into the
plug socket 2.
¤Connect the flat plug from the
power adapter 1.
Should you wish to disconnect the plug from the
charger again, press the release button 3 and
disconnect the plug 4.
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