First steps
Registering the handset
Before you can use the phone, you must first register the handset to the base.
The registration procedure will depend on the type of base.
Automatically registering the A510H handset to the Gigaset A510/
A510A base
Prerequisite: The handset must not already be registered to a base.
Manually registering the A510H handset
You must manually register the handset on both the handset (1) and the base (2).
¤Place the handset with the display
facing up in the base.
The handset registers automatically.
Registration can take up to 5 minutes.
Do not remove the handset from the
base during this time.
Handset is
Place handset
into base
Redial Time
Please note
uEach key press interrupts automatic registration.
uIf the handset is already registered to a base or if automatic registration does
not work, the handset will have to be registered manually.
1) On the handset
§Menu§ ¤Settings ¤Registration ¤Register Handset
~If required, enter the system PIN for the base (the default is 0000).
§OK§ Press the display key.
The display shows Handset is registering.
2) On the base
¤Within 60 seconds, press and hold the registration/paging key on the base
(approx. 3 seconds).
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