First steps
Once registration is complete, the handset returns to idle status. The handset's
internal number is shown in the display e.g., INT 2. If not, repeat the procedure.
Setting the date/time
Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming
calls, and so that the alarm can be used.
Please note
For instructions on de-registering the handsets, please consult the base user
Please note
Depending on your network provider, the date and time may be displayed auto-
Enter Date:
Redial Time
Back OK
¤Press the key below §Time§ on the display
screen to open the input field.
(If you have already set the date/time,
open the input field via the menu
¢page 22.)
The Date/Time submenu is shown on the
¤The active input position flashes.
Enter the day, month and year as an
8-digit number via the keypad
e.g., Q4Q42Q11
for 4 April 2011.
To change the input position e.g.,
to correct an entry, press right or
left on the control key.
¤Press the key below §OK§ on the display
screen to save your entry.
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