First steps
Display in idle status
Once the phone is registered and the time set, the screen display appears as follows
Screen display
uReception between the base and the handset:
Good to poor: Ш§¦
–No reception: ¥
uCharge status of the batteries:
UCharged over 66%
VCharged between 34% and 66%
eCharged between 11% and 33%
=Charged below 11%
=Flashes: battery almost empty (less than 10 minutes talktime)
= e VVIlluminated: batteries charging
uINT 1
Internal name of the handset
If Eco Mode+ (¢page 30) is activated, the ¼ icon is displayed in the top left corner
of the display.
Your phone is now ready for use.
The display shows Saved. You will hear a
confirmation tone and the handset auto-
matically reverts to idle status, or returns
to the "Settings" menu if the setting was
made via the menu.
¤Enter the hours and minutes in 4-digit
format via the keypad e.g., QM15
for 07:15 am.
Change the input position with the
control key if necessary.
¤Confirm with §OK§.
Enter Time:
Back OK
23.04. 10:53
Redial Menu
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