Using the phone
Using the phone
Control key
In the description below, the side of the control key (up, down,
right, left) that you have to press in the different operating situa-
tions is marked in black e.g., v for "press the right edge of the
control key".
The control key has a number of different functions:
When the handset is in idle status
v Open the main menu.
s Open the directory.
u Open the list of handsets.
tCall up the menu for setting the handset's call volume (¢page 31).
In menus and lists
t/s Scroll up/down line by line.
In input fields
You can use the control key to move the cursor up t, down s, right v or left u.
During an external call
vMute the microphone.
s Open the directory.
u Initiate an internal consultation call.
tAdjust the loudspeaker volume for earpiece and handsfree mode.
Keys on the keypad
c/Q/P etc.
Press the corresponding key on the handset.
~Enter digits or letters.
Correcting incorrect entries
You can correct incorrect characters in the input fields by navigating to the incor-
rect entry using the control key. You can then:
uUse the display key§Del.§ to delete the character to the left of the cursor
uInsert characters at the cursor position
uOverwrite the highlighted (flashing) character e.g., when entering time and
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