Menu tree
Menu tree
The menu entries are divided into sections. The page numbers refer to the
relevant description in the user guide.
To open the main menu: press the §Menu§ display key when the phone is in idle mode.
ìAlarm Clock
Activation ¢page 30
Wake up time ¢page 30
ÌVoice Mail (Menu dependent on base)
Date/Time ¢page 14
Audio Settings Call Volume ¢page 31
Ringer Volume ¢page 32
Advisory Tones ¢page 33
Battery Low ¢page 33
Ringtones (Handset) ¢page 32
Ringtones (Base) (dependent on base)
Display Screensaver ¢page 31
Colour Schemes ¢page 31
Contrast ¢page 31
Language ¢page 31
Registration Register Handset ¢page 13
De-register Handset (dependent on base)
Telephony Auto Answer ¢page 31
(further submenus dependent on base)
System Reset Handset ¢page 33
(further submenus dependent on base)
Eco Mode ¢page 30
Eco Mode+ ¢page 30
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