Making calls
Making calls
Making an external call
External calls are calls using the public
telephone network.
~c Enter the number and press the
talk key.
c~ Press and hold the talk key c
and then enter the number.
You can cancel the dialling process with the
end call key a.
You are shown the duration of the call while
the call is in progress.
Ending a call
aPress the end call key.
Accepting a call
The handset indicates an incoming call in
three ways: by ringing, by a display on the
screen and by the flashing talk key c.
To accept the call, press the talk key c.
If the handset is in the charger and the Auto
Answer function is activated (¢page 31),
the handset automatically answers calls
when you remove it from the base/charger.
If the ringer is intrusive, you can deactivate
§Menu§ ¤Silent ¤§OK§
You can accept the call as long as it is dis-
played on the screen.
Please note
Dialling with the directory (¢page 25),
calls list (¢page 28) and redial list
(¢page 27) saves you from repeatedly
keying in phone numbers.
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