Making calls
Handsfree mode
In handsfree mode, you activate the loud-
speaker so that you can hear the caller with-
out having to hold the handset to your ear.
You therefore have both hands free and
other people can listen in on the conversa-
Activating/deactivating handsfree
During a call, activate or deactivate hands-
free mode:
dPress the handsfree key.
Each key press switches
between earpiece and hands-
free mode. If handsfree mode is
activated, the key is lit up.
If you wish to place the handset in the
charger during a call:
ยคPress and hold the handsfree key d
while placing the handset in the base/
charger and for a further 2 seconds.
For instructions on adjusting the handsfree
volume, see page 31.
Switching to mute
You can deactivate your handset's micro-
phone during a call.
vPress right on the control key
to mute the handset.
The display shows Microphone
is switched off.
Press the key again to unmute
the microphone.
Making internal calls
Internal calls are free calls between handsets
that are registered with the same base.
Calling a specific handset
uInitiate internal call.
~Enter the number of the hand-
uInitiate internal call.
s Select handset.
cPress the talk key.
Calling all handsets ("group call")
u Press and hold.
u Initiate internal call.
PPress the star key.
uInitiate internal call.
Call All Select
cPress the talk key.
All handsets are called.
Ending a call
a Press the end call key.
Please note
Inform your caller before you use the
handsfree function so that the caller
knows a third party may be listening.
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