Using the directory and lists
Using the directory and
The options are:
uRedial list
uCalls lists
uAnswering machine list (dependent on
base)/network mailbox list
You can create a personalised directory for
your own individual handset. You can also
send lists/entries to other handsets
(¢page 26).
You can save a total of 150 entries in the
In the directory, you can save
uNumbers and corresponding names
uVIP ringtones and colours.
You open the directory in idle status using
the s key.
Length of the entries
Number: max. 32 digits
Name: max. 16 characters
Saving the first number in the
s ¤Dir. empty New Entry?
~ Enter the number and press §OK§.
~ Enter the name and press §OK§.
Storing a number in the directory
s ¤§Menu§ ¤New Entry
~ Enter the number and press §OK§.
~ Enter the name and press §OK§.
Order of directory entries
Directory entries are generally sorted alpha-
betically by surname. Spaces and digits take
first priority.
The sort order is as follows:
1. Space
2. Digits (0–9)
3. Letters (alphabetical)
4. Other characters
To work round the alphabetical order of
entries, insert a space or a digit before the
first letter of the name. These entries will
then move to the beginning of the directory.
Selecting directory entries
s Open the directory.
You have the following options:
uUse s to scroll through the entries until
the required name is selected.
uEnter the first character of the name, if
necessary scroll to the entry with the s
Dialling with the directory
s ¤s(Select entry)
c Press the talk key.
Please note
To quickly access a number from the
directory (shortcut), you can assign the
number to a key (¢Using shortcut keys,
page 26).
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