Using the directory and lists
Adding a displayed number to
the directory
You can copy numbers displayed in a list,
e.g., the calls list or redial list, to the directory.
A number is displayed:
§Menu§ ¤Copy to Directory
¤Complete the entry (¢ Storing a number
in the directory, page 25).
Copying a number from the
In some operating situations, you can open
the directory to copy a number (e.g., during
an external call or in pre-dialling mode). Your
handset need not be in idle status.
sOpen the directory.
qSelect an entry and press §OK§.
Redial list
The redial list contains the ten numbers last
dialled with the handset (max. 32 numbers).
If one of the numbers is in the directory, the
corresponding name will be displayed.
Manual redial
cPress the talk key briefly
§Redial§ Press the display key.
sSelect entry.
cPress the talk key. The number is
Managing entries in the redial list
cPress the talk key briefly
§Redial§ Press the display key.
sSelect entry.
§Menu§ Open menu.
The following functions can be selected
with q:
Use Number
(As in the directory, ¢page 26)
Copy to Directory (¢Storing a number in
the directory, page 25)
Delete Entry
Delete selected entry.
Delete List
Delete all entries in the redial list.
Function of the message key
Opening lists
Use the message key f to open the follow-
ing lists:
uAnswering machine list (dependent on
base) or network mailbox, if your network
provider supports this function and fast
access is set for the network mailbox
(¢page 29).
uCalls list
An advisory tone sounds as soon as a new
entry arrives in a list.
Depending on the type of the new entry, an
icon appears in the display while in idle sta-
The number of new entries is displayed
under the corresponding icon.
Icon New message ...
à ... in the answering machine list
(dependent on base) or on the net-
work mailbox
... in the missed calls list
à ™
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