Using the directory and lists
After pressing the message key f, you can
see all lists containing messages and the
network mailbox list.
The list is displayed with the number of new
entries (1) and the number of old, read
entries (2) (example):
Select a list with q. To open, press §OK§.
Activating/deactivating flashing
message key (dependent on base)
You can specify whether you want the mes-
sage key f to flash for new messages
(default setting). Proceed as follows:
¤Press the following keys in sequence:
v ¤P#Q5#M
You will see:
¤Press one of the following keys to select
the type of message:
Your selection is displayed (e.g., 5 for
missed calls), the current setting flashes:
¤Press Q or 1 to determine the setting
for new messages:
Your selection is displayed (e.g., 1):
¤Press the display key §OK§.
Answering machine list
(dependent on base)
You can use the answering machine list to
listen to the messages that are on the
answering machine.
Calls list (dependent on base)
Prerequisite: Calling Line Identification
Presentation (CLIP)
Depending on the base, the calls list con-
uAll calls
Accepted calls
Unanswered calls
Calls recorded by the answering
uOr missed calls only
Unanswered calls
Calls not recorded by the answering
In idle status, you can open the calls list by
pressing the message key f.
To return a call, select the corresponding
entry and press the talk key c.
See your base user guide for further informa-
Please note
If calls are saved on the network mailbox,
you will receive a message if the list type
has been set accordingly (see your net-
work provider user guide).
5For missed calls
Or MFor messages on the answering
machine (dependent on base)/
network mailbox
Calls List:
Back WOK
975 SET: [0]
QThe message key flashes (it
goes off when the key is
Or 1The message key does not flash
975 SET: [1]
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