Using the network mailbox
Using the network
The network mailbox is your provider's voice
mail feature within the network. More infor-
mation is available from your provider.
You cannot use the network mailbox unless
you have requested it from your provider.
The following information is only applica-
ble when using your handset with a
Gigaset A510 base. If you have registered
your handset to a different base, such as
the Gigaset A510A, please refer to your
base user guide.
Using fast access for the
network mailbox
To access the network mailbox, simply press
and hold the 1 key – you do not have to
select it via the menu.
You only need to enter the number of the
network mailbox.
§Menu§ ¤Voice Mail
¤Network Mailbox (³= selected)
~Enter the network mailbox
number and press §OK§.
The setting for fast access applies to all
Calling the network mailbox
1Press and hold. You are con-
nected straight to the network
Viewing the network mailbox
When a message is recorded, you receive a
call from the network mailbox. If you have
requested Calling Line Identification, the
network mailbox number is displayed. If you
accept the call, the new messages are played
back. If you do not accept the call, the net-
work mailbox number is saved in the missed
calls list and the message key flashes
(¢page 27).
Please note
You can also connect to the network
mailbox via the menu:
§Menu§ ¤Voice Mail ¤Play Messages
Please note
Enter the network mailbox phone
number into your directory along with
the designation "Network mailbox"; the
display and the calls list will then show
this designation.
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