Setting the handset
Setting the handset
Your handset comes with default settings,
but you can change the settings to suit your
individual requirements.
Changing the display
You can view the display texts in different
§Menu§ ¤Settings ¤Language
The current language is indicated by ³.
sSelect a language and press §OK§.
If you accidentally choose a language you do
not understand:
v ¤L4
s Select the correct language and
press §OK§.
Setting the display/
You have a choice of four colour schemes
and several different contrasts. You can also
configure a screensaver.
§Menu§ ¤Settings ¤Display
You have the following options:
In idle status a digital clock can be dis-
played as a screensaver. This replaces the
idle status display. You can choose
between No Screensaver and Digital
The screensaver is not displayed in cer-
tain situations e.g., during a call or if the
handset is de-registered.
To show the display in idle status, briefly
press the end call key a.
Colour Schemes
You can view the display backlight in dif-
ferent colours. Four colour schemes are
Nine contrast settings are available.
Automatically activating/
deactivating auto answer
If this function is activated, you can simply
lift the handset out of the charger without
having to press the talk key c when you
receive a call.
§Menu§ ¤Settings ¤Telephony
¤Auto Answer
§OK§ Press the display key (³=on).
Changing the handsfree/
earpiece volume
You can set the volume for handsfree mode
and earpiece mode to five different levels.
In idle status:
t ¤Call Volume
Earpiece Volume / Handsfree Volume
Select and press §OK§.
qSet the volume (e.g., volume 3 =
§OK§ Press the display key to save the
During a conversation via the earpiece or in
handsfree mode:
tPress the control key to open
the menu for setting the vol-
ume. Set the earpiece or hands-
free volume by pressing q.
The setting will automatically be saved after
approximately 3 seconds or press the display
key §OK§.
Please note
You can also set the call volume using the
menu (¢page 22).
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