Setting the handset
Changing ringtones
You can choose between five volumes
(e.g., volume 3 = ˆ) and the
"crescendo" ring (volume increases with
each ring, volume 6 = ).
You can select from a list of pre-loaded
ringtones and melodies.
You can set different ringtones for the fol-
lowing functions:
uInternal calls
uExternal calls
uAlarm clock
Setting the ringer volume
The ringer volume is the same for all types of
In idle status:
t ¤Ringer Volume
qSet the volume.
§OK§ Press the display key to save the
Setting ringtones
Set different ringtones for external calls,
internal calls and the alarm clock.
For internal calls and the alarm clock
In idle status:
t ¤Ringtones (Handset)
Internal Calls / Alarm Clock
Select and press §OK§.
qSelect melody and press §OK§
(³= selected).
For external calls:
In idle status:
t ¤Ringtones (Handset)
External Calls
Select and press §OK§.
q can be used to select the following:
You can set the ringtone as described
Time Control
You can specify a time period when you
do not want the telephone to signal
external calls e.g., during the night.
Activation is switched on or off by press-
ing §OK§ (³=activated).
Ringer off from: /Ringer off until:
Enter time in 4-digit format.
Anonymous Calls Silent
You can set your handset so that it
doesn't ring for calls where Calling Line
Identification has been withheld. The call
will only be signalled on the display.
Switch the Anonymous Calls Silent
function on or off by pressing §OK§
Please note
You can also adjust the ringer volume via
the menu (¢page 22).
Please note
During this period, you will continue
to receive calls from numbers to
which you have assigned a personal-
ised melody/background colour in
the directory (VIP).
Please note
You can also set the ringtones via the
menu (¢page 22).
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