Setting the handset
Activating/deactivating the ringer
You can:
uPermanently deactivate the ringer in idle
status or when receiving a call
uDeactivate the ringer for the current call
The ringer cannot be re-activated while a
call is in progress.
Deactivating the ringer permanently
PPress and hold the star key.
The óicon appears in the display.
Reactivating the ringer
PPress and hold the star key.
Deactivating the ringer for the current
§Menu§ ¤Silent ¤§OK§
Activating/deactivating advisory
tones/battery warning tones
Your handset uses advisory tones to tell you
about different activities and statuses. These
can be activated and deactivated independ-
ently of each other:
uAdvisory Tones
Confirmation tone: at the end of an
entry/setting and when a new entry
arrives in the calls list
Error tone: when you make an incor-
rect entry
Key click: every key press is confirmed.
uBattery Low
The battery requires charging.
t ¤Advisory Tones / Battery Low
Select and press §OK§ to activate
or deactivate (³=activated).
The menu end tone when scrolling at the
end of a menu cannot be deactivated.
Restoring the handset
default settings
You can reset any individual settings and
changes that you have made.
The following settings are not affected by a
uRegistering the handset to the base
uEntries in the directory, calls lists
§Menu§ ¤Settings ¤System ¤Reset Handset
§OK§ Confirm prompt.
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