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telephone, visit our website at
for assistance 24/7.
The table below also lists steps for trouble-
This device is intended for use within the
European Economic Area and Switzerland. If
used in other countries, it must first be
approved nationally in the country in ques-
Country-specific requirements have been
taken into consideration.
We, Gigaset Communications GmbH,
declare that this device meets the essential
requirements and other relevant regulations
laid down in Directive 1999/5/EC.
A copy of the 1999/5/EC Declaration of Con-
formity is available at this Internet address:
The display is blank.
1. The handset is not activated.
¥Press and hold the end call key a.
2. The battery is empty.
¥Charge the battery or replace it
(¢page 10).
"Base" flashes on the display.
1. The handset is outside the range of the base.
¥Move the handset closer to the base.
2. The base's range is reduced because Eco
Mode is activated.
¥Deactivate Eco Mode (¢page 30) or
reduce the distance between the handset
and the base.
3. The base is not activated.
¥Check the base power adapter.
4. Handset has not been registered with the
base or has been de-registered.
¥Register the handset (¢page 13).
The handset does not ring.
1. The ringtone is switched off.
¥Activate the ringtone (¢page 33).
2. The phone only rings if the phone number has
been transferred.
¥Activate the ringtone for anonymous calls
(¢page 32).
The connection always terminates after
approx. 30 seconds.
Repeater activated/deactivated.
¥Activate/deactivate the handset (¢page 19).
The other party cannot hear you.
You pressed the mute key v during a call. The
handset is "muted".
¥Unmute the microphone (¢page 24).
The number of the caller is not displayed
although CLIP has been set.
Calling Line Identification is not enabled.
¥The caller should ask the network provider to
enable Calling Line Identification (CLI).
You hear an error tone when keying an input.
Action has failed/invalid input.
¥Repeat the process.
Watch the display and refer to the user man-
ual if necessary.
Exclusion of liability
Some displays may contain pixels (pic-
ture elements), which remain activated or
deactivated. This is completely normal
and does not indicate a fault.
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