Our environmental mission
We, Gigaset Communications GmbH, bear
social responsibility and are actively com-
mitted to a better world. Observing our eco-
logical responsibilities is paramount in every
aspect of our work — from product and
process design to production and sales or
even disposal.
Further information on environmentally
friendly products and processes is available
on the Internet at www.gigaset.com.
Environmental management
Gigaset Communications
GmbH is certified pursuant
to the international stand-
ards EN 14001 and
ISO 9001.
ISO 14001 (Environment): Certified since
September 2007 by TüV SÜD Management
Service GmbH.
ISO 9001 (Quality): Certified since 17/02/
1994 by TüV SÜD Management Service
Ecological energy consumption
The use of ECO DECT (¢page 30) saves
energy and makes an active contribution
towards protecting the environment.
Batteries should not be disposed of in gen-
eral household waste. Observe the local
waste disposal regulations, details of which
can be obtained from your local authority.
All electrical and electronic products should
be disposed of separately from the munici-
pal waste stream via designated collection
facilities appointed by the government or
the local authorities.
This crossed-out wheeled
bin symbol on the product
means the product is
covered by the European
Directive 2002/96/EC.
The correct disposal and separate collection
of your old appliance will help prevent
potential negative consequences for the
environment and human health. It is a pre-
condition for reuse and recycling of used
electrical and electronic equipment.
For more detailed information about dis-
posal of your old appliance, please contact
your local council refuse centre or the origi-
nal supplier of the product.
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