3. Enter http://www.routerlogin.net.
A login window opens.
4. Enter the modem router user name and password.
The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive.
The BASIC Home page displays.
5. Select ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > Wireless Bridge.
The Wireless Bridge page displays.
6. Select the Enable Bridge mode check box.
7. Click the setup bridge mode wireless settings button.
8. Enter the WiFi settings of the modem router that is connected to the Internet modem (that is, the other modem
a. From the Please choose a wireless network menu, select the WiFi band that the other modem router is
For 802.11ac mode, both modem routers must use the 5 GHz band.
b. In the Name (SSID) field, enter the WiFi network name (SSID) that the other modem router is using.
Manage the Advanced WiFi Features
Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D7800
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