Operating the handset
Last number redial list
The Last Number Redial list contains the
ten numbers last dialed with the handset
(max. 32 digits). If a number has been
dialed several times, only the last try is
shown in the list.
Last number redial
kPress the key.
qSelect the entry.
c/ dPress the Talk key or the
Handsfree key.
The number is dialed.
You can press the C or h key instead,
if you want to specify which line to use.
When displaying a name, you can have the
respective phone number displayed:
§Menu§ ¢View
Managing entries in the Last Number
Redial list
kPress the key.
qSelect the entry.
§Menu§ Open menu.
The following functions can be selected
with q:
In the list long numbers are shown
abbreviated. Select View to show the
whole number.
uCopy To Dir.
Copy the displayed entry to the direc-
tory of the base station.
¤Complete the entry as described in
the user guide of base station.
Delete the displayed entry from the list.
uDelete List
¤Confirm question Delete? by pressing
All entries in the last number redial list
will be deleted.
Operating the handset
Activating/deactivating the handset
aPress and hold the End Call key
to turn the handset on/off.
Activating/deactivating the keypad
lock of the handset
# Press and hold the pound key.
Keypad Locked appears in the display when
the keypad lock is activated.
The keypad lock is deactivated automati-
cally if someone calls you. It is re-activated
when the call is finished.
Control key
1 Control key
In the description below, the top or bot-
tom of the Control key (up, down), which
you must press depending on the operat-
ing situation, is marked in black, for exam-
ple, t for "press up on the Control key".
The Control key has different functions:
When the handset is in idle status
s Open the base station’s direc-
tOpen the base station’s Calls
In input fields
You can use the Control key to move the
cursor backwards t or s forwards.
When the handset is off the hook or when
the answering machine is playing
t/ s Increase/decrease volume
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