Operating the handset
In the main menu, lists and submenus
t/ s Scroll up/down line by line.
At the bottom/top of a menu or a list:
A feedback tone signals that the menu/list
has wrapped around automatically (the
first/last entry is selected in the display).
Display keys
The function of the display keys changes
depending on the particular operating sit-
uation. Example:
1 The display keys' current functions are
shown on the bottom display line.
2 Display keys
The most important display symbols are:
§§§§§Menu§§§§ Open the main menu (in idle
mode) or the context-depen-
dent menu.
§§§§§Back§§§§ Go back one menu level.
§§§§§§§OK§§§§§§§ Confirm your choice or save
edited characters.
§§§§Clear§§§§§ Clear key: deletes one charac-
ter at a time from right to left
(press briefly), or deletes all
characters (hold).
Returning to idle status
You can return to idle status from any-
where in the menu as follows:
¤Press the End Call key a.
¤Do not press any key: after 2 minutes,
the display will automatically return to
idle status.
Changes that you have not confirmed or
saved by pressing §OK§ will not be saved.
An example of the display in idle status is
shown on page 8.
Menu guidance
Your phone's functions are accessed using
a menu that has a number of levels.
Main menu (first menu level)
¤Press the display key §Menu§ with the
handset in idle status to open the main
The main menu functions are shown on
the screen in a list.
To access a function, open the corre-
sponding submenu (next menu level):
¤Navigate to the function using the con-
trol key q.
¤Press the display key §OK§.
The functions in the submenus are dis-
played as lists.
To access a function:
¤Scroll to the function with the control
key q and press §OK§.
Pressing the §Back§ display key returns you
to the previous menu level. a cancels
the operation.
§§§§§Back§§§§§ U §§§§Menu§§§§§ 1
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