Using several handsets
Correcting incorrect entries
You can correct incorrect characters in the
text by navigating to the incorrect entry
using the control key. You can then:
uPress §§§§Clear§§§§§ to delete the character to
the left of the cursor.
uInsert characters to the left of the cur-
uOverwrite the (flashing) character
when entering the time and date, etc.
Using several handsets
Registering and de-registering
A Gigaset 28H handset can be registered
with up to four base stations.
Registering the Gigaset 28H handset
On the handset
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Registration
¢Register HS
qSelect the base you want to
register your handset with and
press §OK§. Bases that have
been registered will be marked
by ½.
~ Enter the system PIN of the
base station and press §OK§.
The handset will be registered.
On the base station
Within 60 secs. press and hold the regis-
tration/page key (approx. 5 secs.) on the
base station.
De-registering handsets
You can de-register any registered handset
from your Gigaset A285.
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Registration
¢Unregister HS
~ Enter the base station’s system
PIN and press §OK§.
qSelect the handset you want to
de-register and press §OK§.
§OK§ Press the display key to con-
firm deletion.
Changing the base station
If your handset is registered to more than
one base station, you can set it to a partic-
ular base station or to the base station
that has the best reception (Best Base).
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Registration
¢Select Base
qSelect one of the registered
base stations or Best Base and
press §OK§.
Making internal calls
Internal calls to other handsets registered
with the same base station are free.
jInitiate internal call.
qSelect the handset you want to
call and press §OK§.
Ending a call
a Press the End Call key.
If only two handsets are registered to the base,
the internal call will be established immedi-
ately after pressing jkey.
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