Handset settings
Handset settings
Your handset is preconfigured, but you
can change these settings to suit your
individual needs.
Changing the name of a handset
The names "INT 1", "INT 2", etc., are
assigned automatically during registra-
tion. You can change these names. The
number of the handset, however, never
changes. The changed name is only dis-
played on this handset.
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Handset
¢Handset Name
~Enter the name and press §OK§.
The name must not exceed 12
Changing the display language
You can view the display texts in different
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Handset ¢Language
English / Español / Français
qSelect a language and press
Setting the display contrast
You have a choice of five different contrast
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Handset
¢Display Contr.
Level 1 / ... / Level 5
Select your preferred level and
press §OK§.
auto answer
This function is active by default, so that
when you get a call, you can simply lift the
handset out of the charging cradle or the
base station without having to press the
Talk key c.
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Handset
¢Auto Answer ¢On / Off
Default setting is On.
Adjusting the loudspeaker and
earpiece volume
You can set the loudspeaker volume and
the earpiece volume to five different lev-
els. You can only make these adjustments
during a call.
The handsfree volume can only be
adjusted when this function is in use.
You are conducting a call.
qIncrease or decrease the
Changing ring tones
You can set different ring tones for Line1
and Line2.
You can choose between five volumes
(0–5; for example, volume 4 = ˆ).
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Audio Settings
¢HS Ring Volume
Line 1 / Line 2
Select the line for which you
want to set the volume and
press §OK§.
qSelect the volume and press
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