Handset settings
Ring tones
You can choose between 15 different mel-
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Audio Settings
¢HS Ring Tones ¢Line 1 / Line 2
qSelect a melody and press §OK§.
Activating/deactivating the ring tone
You can deactivate the ring tone on your
handset before you answer a call or when
the handset is in idle status; the ring tone
can be deactivated permanently or just for
the current call.
Deactivating and reactivating the ring tone
*Press and hold the star key.
Line 1 / Line 2
Select the line for which you
want to deactivate or reacti-
vate the ring tone and press
On / Off Select if you want to deacti-
vate or reactivate the ring tone
and press §OK§.
If the ring tone is deactivated, the Åicon
appears in the display for the respective
Deactivating the ring tone for the current
incoming call
§Quiet§ Press the display key.
Ajusting the ring tone volume during an
incoming call
¤Press the s or tkey until the ring tone
volume reaches the desired level.
You can press the s key until you no
longer hear the ring tone.
Activating/deactivating the
key-touch tone
Each key press is acknowledged by a beep.
You can deactivate this function:
§Menu§ ¢Settings ¢Audio Settings
¢Key Touch Tone ¢On / Off
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