Safety precautions
Safety precautions*
*also see page17
Only use the power supply unit supplied as indicated on the bottom of the
Only insert approved rechargeable batteries of the same type.
Never use ordinary (non-rechargeable) batteries, as they may pose a health
hazard or cause injury.
Do not charge the handset in the charging unit or base station while the headset
is connected.
Make sure the rechargeable battery is inserted in the correct direction.
Use the battery specified in these operating instructions.
The phone may affect medical equipment, so always turn your phone off before
entering a hospital or doctor's office.
Notice to Hearing Aid Wearers:
This phone system is compatible with inductively coupled hearing aids.
Do not operate the phone in places where there is a risk of explosion
(such as paint workshops).
Do not install the base station in the bathroom. The handset and base station
are not splash-proof (see page 15).
Drivers must not use the phone while driving.
The phone must be turned off at all times in aircraft. Make sure the phone can-
not be switched on accidentally.
If you give your telephone to someone else, you should also provide the operat-
ing instructions.
Dispose of batteries and the phone carefully. Do not pollute the environment.
Emergency numbers cannot be dialed if the keypad lock is activated!
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