Gigaset 28H – First Steps
Gigaset 28H –
First Steps
Package contents
uOne Gigaset 28H handset with battery
uTwo batteries
uOne belt clip
uOne Gigaset charging cradle
uOne AC adapter for the charging cradle
uOne User Guide
Headset socket
Which headsets are compatible?
Please call the Service number
1-866-247-8758 or contact us at
www.gigaset.com/customercare for infor-
Connecting the charging cradle
¤First connect the power adapter to the
charging cradle (1) and then the AC
power adapter to the 110V AC power
socket (2) as shown below.
Setting up the handset for use
Inserting the batteries
¤Open the battery cover.
¤Insert the batteries according to the
correct polarity (see diagram).
The polarity is indicated in/on the battery
¤Close the cover, and press the top so
that it clicks into place.
Do not charge the handset in the charging unit
or base station while the headset is connected.
Underside of the charging cradle
Use only rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride
(NiMH) UL-approved AAA batteries. Never use
a conventional (non-rechargeable) battery or
other battery types as this could result in sig-
nificant health risks and personal injury. For
example, the batteries could explode. The
phone could also malfunction or be damaged
as a result of using batteries that are not of the
recommended type.
If attached, remove the belt clip before open-
ing the battery cover.
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