Gigaset 28H – First Steps
Attaching the belt clip
There are notches on the sides of the
handset for attaching the belt clip, nearly
at the same height as the handset ear-
¤Press the belt clip onto the back of the
handset so that the protrusions on the
belt clip engage the notches.
Placing the handset in the charging
¤Place the handset in the charging cra-
dle with the handset's display facing
Charging the batteries for the first time
¤To charge the batteries, leave the hand-
set in the charging cradle continuously
for ten hours.
The alternately flashing battery icons =
U on the upper right side of the display
screen indicate that the batteries are
being charged.
For questions and troubleshooting,
Setting the date and time
You should set the date and time, for
example, to ensure the correct time of
incoming calls is recorded.
To change the time and date, open the
input field using:
§Menu§ ¢s ¢Settings ¢Date/Time
¢Set Date/Time
~Enter the time and date using
10 digits, for example, Q
M 1 5 Q 1 1
5 Q N for January 15,
2008, 07:15 AM. If the 12-
hour time format is set, use
the * key to switch between
am and pm.
To correct an incorrect entry,
overwrite the character by typ-
ing the correct one.
§OK§ Press the display key to save
You can change the date and time format:
§Menu§ ¢s ¢Settings ¢Date/Time
¢Set Format
¤Choose between day/month and
month/day date formats:
s ¢Date Format ¢DD/MM or MM/DD
¤Choose between 12- and 24-hour time
s ¢Time Format ¢12 Hours / 24 Hours
If the handset has turned itself off because
its batteries are empty, and you then place
the handset into the base station, it will
turn on automatically.
Only place the handset into the base sta-
tion or charging cradle specifically
intended for it.
During handset operation, the battery icon
e indicates the charge status of the bat-
teries (page 1).
The batteries may feel warm when they are
charging. This is not dangerous.
Date and time settings apply to base station
and all registered handsets.
Date and time format settings apply only to
your own handset. You must set date and time
format at each device separately.
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