Gigaset 28H – First Steps
Selecting the line settings
For each handset and the base station,
you can set how your telephone will use
the two telephone lines:
Auto All incoming calls will ring. For
outgoing calls, your phone
will use whichever line is cur-
rently free.
Line 1 / Line 2
Only incoming calls on the
respective line can be
answered with the c key.
For outgoing calls, your phone
will always use the selected
If you have selected Line 1 or Line 2, you
can still answer or make a call on the free
line by using the C or h keys.
Selecting line settings for a handset
§Menu§ ¢s ¢Settings ¢Handset
¢Line Setting
Auto / Line 1 / Line 2
Select entry and press §OK§.
Display in idle status
Once the phone is registered to a base sta-
tion (page 12)and the time set, the idle
display looks as shown here (example).
Your phone is now ready to use.
This user manual describes the functions
of your Gigaset 28H handset. For all base
station related functions, please consult
the Gigaset A285 user manual.
01/31 9:45AM
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