N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 Setup Manual
Installing Your Wireless Router Using Smart Wizard 11
2. When the Smart Wizard prompts you to Check for Firmware Updates, click Yes to check the
NETGEAR website for new router firmware; or check No to check for updates later (see
“Accessing Your Router After Installation and Checking for New Firmware” on page 21).
3. Follow the instructions and prompts to complete the installation.
The Smart Wizard guides you through installing your router, connecting your router to the
Internet, configuring your wireless network settings, and selecting the optimum security
protection for your network. If you choose not to select a security option during installation,
you can always access the router’s user interface later to select a security option (see “Setting
Your SSID and Wireless Security” on page 24 or “Using Push 'N' Connect (WPS) to
Configure Your Wireless Network” on page 26).
At the close of installation:
For Windows users, the Smart Wizard places a Router_Setup.html file on your
computer’s desktop so that you can view the router settings. It also places the Router
Login shortcut on the desktop for you to access the router’s main menu.
For Mac users, the Smart Wizard places a Router_Setup.pdf file on your desktop.
You are now connected to the Internet!
After connecting to the Internet, you can:
Log in to the router and check for new firmware. Refer to the bottom label for the default login
information, or see the steps in “Accessing Your Router After Installation and Checking for
New Firmware” on page 21.
Set up additional wireless computers in your network for Internet access (see “Configuring
Your Wireless Settings and Security Options” on page 23).
For advanced features not covered in this manual, see the Reference Manual on your Resource CD.
A link to the online Reference Manual also is available from the router interface.
To ensure optimum performance of your high-speed wireless router, the
wireless adapter card for each computer in your network should support the
same technology as your router (see the online User Manual for more
The factory default state is restored when you use the restore factory settings button.
See “Restoring the Default Password and Configuration Settings” on page 42 for more
information about this feature.
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