N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 Setup Manual
Installing Your Wireless Router Manually (Advanced and Linux Users) 16
2. Now, plug the power cord into your wireless router and into a power outlet. Wait 1 minute.
3. Last, turn on your computer. It might take several minutes for your router to establish a
connection with your computer and your Internet provider.
Verifying Your Connection
Verify that your router is connected correctly by checking the wireless router status lights (as
illustrated in Figure 9.
Check the wireless router status lights to verify the following:
Power. The Power light (1) should turn solid green. If it does not, see “Checking Basic Router
Functions” on page 31.
Operating Mode. The 2.4 GHz N-Band light (2) should be on; the 5.0 GHz N-Band light (3)
should be off.
USB. The USB light (4) should be off if no USB device is connected; it will be solid green if a
USB device is connected.
For DSL customers, if software logs you in to the Internet, do not run that
software. You might need to go to the Internet Explorer Tools menu, select
Internet Options, and then click the Connections tab, where you can select
Never dial a connection.
Figure 9
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