N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 Setup Manual
Configuring Your Wireless Network 27
While the router is in WPS enable mode (a maximum of 2 minutes), wireless security is not
3. While the dome lights are blinking, you have 2 minutes to enable WPS on the device you are
connecting to. The blinking ceases when one of these two conditions occurs:
WPS has enabled security between the router and the other device.The router has
generated an SSID, implemented WPA/WPA2 wireless security (including a PSK security
password) on the router and has sent this configuration to the wireless client.
The 2-minute window period expires for establishing a connection using WPS. Whether
or not a connection is established, your router security and SSID (wireless network name)
are now configured for WPA/WPA2 security.
The dome lights will stop blinking or turn off, depending on how you have them configured.
4. Note the new SSID and WPA/WPA2 password for the wireless network.
To access the Internet from any computer connected to your wireless router, launch a browser such
as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. You should see the wireless router’s Internet
LED blink, indicating communication to the ISP.
For more information about setting up your wireless network and configuring your wireless
security settings, see the User Manual. A link to the online User Manual is on your Resource CD.
Indoors, computers can connect over wireless networks at a range of several
hundred feet. Unlike wired network data, your wireless data transmissions can
extend beyond your walls, and anyone with a compatible adapter can receive
them, allowing others outside your immediate area to access your network.
If you are planning a mixed network of WPS capable devices and non-WPS capable
devices, NETGEAR suggests that you set up your wireless network and security
settings manually first, and use WPS only for adding additional WPS capable
If you want to disable WPS, you must reset your router to its factory default settings.
For information about resetting to the default settings, see “Restoring the Default
Password and Configuration Settings” on page 42.
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