N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 Setup Manual
Configuring Your Wireless Network 28
Testing Basic Wireless Connectivity
Once you have established basic wireless connectivity and enabled security settings appropriate to
your needs, you can test connectivity between devices connected to your router.
To test basic wireless connectivity:
1. Log in to the wireless router at its default LAN address of with its default
user name of admin and default password of password, or using whatever LAN address and
password you have set up.
2. Select Wireless Settings from the main menu of the wireless router.
3. Note your SSID name. If you used WPS to establish a connection with other devices, the SSID
will now be a randomly selected name.
4. Make sure that you have selected the region in which the wireless router will operate.
5. Check the Wireless mode. The default is Up to 300Mbps at 5GHz & 145Mbps at 2.4GHz. If
you are experiencing interference, try selecting one of the other available settings (see
“Configuring Your Wireless Settings and Security Options” on page 23).
6. Check your wireless security. If you used WPS to enable wireless security, your security will
be set to WPA/WPA2 with a randomly-selected PSK security password.
7. Click Apply to save any changes.
8. Configure and test your computers for wireless connectivity.
Program the wireless adapter of your computers to have the same wireless network name
(SSID) as the wireless router and the same wireless security as your wireless router. Check
that they have a wireless link and are able to obtain an IP address by DHCP from the router.
The SSID of any wireless adapters or wireless devices connected to your router
must match the SSID you configured in the wireless router. If they do not match,
you will not get a wireless connection.
If you are configuring the router from a wireless computer and you change the
router’s SSID, channel, or security settings, you will lose your wireless
connection when you click Apply. You must then change the wireless settings of
your computer to match the router’s new settings.
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