Troubleshooting 30
This chapter gives information about troubleshooting your wireless router. You can find help with
the following problems:
“Basic Setup Checklist” on page 30
“Checking Basic Router Functions” on page 31
“Troubleshooting Login Problems” on page 33
“Checking The Internet Service Connection” on page 34
“Testing the Path from a PC to Your Router” on page 36
“Testing the Path from a PC to the Internet” on page 37
Basic Setup Checklist
The following items are the most common errors made when initially setting up a router. Carefully
review the checklist to make sure that you have followed the recommended procedures.
Be sure to always start your network in this sequence:
1. Turn off and unplug the modem from its power outlet, and turn off the wireless router and
2. Turn on the modem, and wait 2 minutes.
3. Turn on the wireless router, and wait 1 minute.
4. Turn on the computer.
Make sure that the Ethernet cables are securely plugged in:
1. Verify that the Internet status light on the wireless router is lit if the Ethernet cable to the
wireless router from the modem is plugged in securely and the modem and wireless router are
both turned on (see “Front Panel” on page 3).
2. Verify that for each powered-on computer connected to the wireless router with a securely
plugged in Ethernet cable, the corresponding wireless router LAN port status light is lit (see
“Front Panel” on page 3). The label on the bottom of the wireless router identifies the number
of each LAN port (see “Router Label” on page 7).
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