N600 Wireless Dual Band Router WNDR3400 Setup Manual
Troubleshooting 36
Troubleshooting Internet Browsing
If your wireless router can obtain an IP address but your computer is unable to load any Web pages
from the Internet, check the following.
Your computer might not recognize any DNS server addresses.
A DNS server is a host on the Internet that translates Internet names (such as www addresses)
to numeric IP addresses. Typically your ISP provides the addresses of one or two DNS servers
for your use. If you entered a DNS address when you configured the wireless router, restart
your computer. Alternatively, you can configure your computer manually with DNS addresses,
as explained in the documentation for your computer.
Your computer might not have the wireless router configured as its default gateway.
Restart the computer, and verify that the wireless router address ( is listed by your
computer as the default gateway address.
Troubleshooting Connectivity Using the Ping Utility
Most computers and routers have a diagnostic utility called ping that sends an request to a target
device. The device then replies. The ping utility makes it easy to troubleshoot a network..
Testing the Path from a PC to Your Router
You can ping the wireless router to verify that the LAN path from your computer to your router is
set up correctly.
To ping the wireless router:
The factory default wireless router IP address is However, if the
router detects a conflict with the address it gets from your modem, it
automatically picks a different address for itself. In this case, you can log in to
the router using www.routerlogin.net to verify its LAN IP address. Select LAN
IP Setup under Advanced on the main menu. Take note of the LAN TCP/IP
setup IP address, which should match the default gateway IP address on your
This section includes advanced troubleshooting techniques.
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