Get Started
AC750 WiFi Range Extender
7. Select a WiFi network to extend and click the NEXT button.
If you do not want to extend both WiFi bands, clear the 2.4 GHz WiFi Networks or the
5 GHz WiFi Networks check box.
8. In the Password (Network Key) field, type the existing WiFi network password (also called
passphrase or security key) and click the NEXT button.
9. Set the network name (SSID) and password for your new extender WiFi network and click
the NEXT button.
Wait for the page to display a list of available extended WiFi networks, which might take
up to one minute.
10. Connect the computer or WiFi device to the new extended WiFi network using the extender
SSID and password that you created in Step 9.
Note: To connect additional devices, repeat Step 10.
11. Make sure that your computer or WiFi device is connected before you click the Continue
12. Click the Continue button.
A message displays confirming that the extender is connected and ready.
13. Click the Next button.
The registration page displays.
14. Complete the registration fields and click the Finish button to complete the setup.
If you do not want to register your extender, click the Skip Registration link. Note that
you must register your extender before you can use NETGEAR telephone support.
The Status page displays.
15. Unplug the extender and move it to a new location that is about halfway between your router
and the area with a poor router WiFi signal.
The location that you choose must be within the range of your existing WiFi router
16. Plug the extender into an electrical outlet and wait for the Power LED to light green.
17. Use the Router Link LED to help you choose a spot where the extender-to-router
connection is optimal.
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