Extender Network Settings
AC750 WiFi Range Extender
View Connected Devices
You can view a list of devices that are connected to the extender network.
To view connected devices:
1. On a computer or WiFi device that is connected to the extender network, launch a web
2. In the address field of your browser, enter www.mywifiext.net.
A login page opens.
3. Enter your user name and password and click the LOG IN button.
The Status page displays.
4. If your browser displays the Menu icon , click it.
The extender menu displays.
5. Select Settings > Connected Devices.
Boost Your Video Streaming With FastLane Technology
Get the most out of your HD entertainment with FastLane technology. With FastLane
technology, the extender connects to your router using one band and connects to your
devices using another band. Because a band is dedicated to each function, performance is
If all your devices and your WiFi router support only the 2.4 GHz band, or all your devices
and your WiFi router support only the 5 GHz band, do not enable FastLane Technology.
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