Manage the WAN and LAN Network Settings
N600 and AC750 WiFi DSL Modem Routers
Note: The DSL mode menu, PVC Settings section, and ATM Traffic Class
section display only if the selection from the Physical WAN Type
menu is ADSL2+, which it is by default. For information about selecting
the type of physical WAN connection, see Change the Type of Physical
WAN Connection on page 133.
6. From the DSL Mode menu, select the DSL mode that your ISP provided you:
Auto. The modem router detects the DSL mode automatically. This is the default
ADSL (G.dmt). Legacy version of ADSL.
ADSL2. Legacy version of ADSL2.
ADSL2+. ADSL2+ provides the fastest downstream rates and can interoperate with
ADSL2 and ADSL (g.dmt).
7. Click the upper Apply button.
The DSL mode changes are saved.
8. If your ISP provided you PVC settings, specify some or all of the following settings,
depending on the information that your ISP gave you:
a. Unless your ISP instructs you otherwise, keep the Enable This Interface check box
By default, the check box is selected and the interface is enabled.
b. From the Multiplexing Method menu, select LLC-BASED or VC-BASED, as
indicated by your ISP
c. For the VPI, enter a number between 0 and 255, as indicated by your ISP
The default setting is 0.
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