N600 and AC750 WiFi DSL Modem Routers
Troubleshoot with the LEDs
When you turn on the power, the LEDs light as described here.
1. When power is first applied, the Internet LED lights solid green for about 20 seconds
and then starts blinking.
2. After approximately 25 seconds after turning on the power, the following occurs:
-The WiFi LED lights green.
-The WPS LED lights green.
-If the modem router is connected to an active ADSL service, the DSL LED blinks
green to indicate that the modem router is negotiating the best possible speed on the
DSL line. If the negotiation completes and a DSL link is established, the LED turns
solid green. If you do not use a DSL modem but a cable or fiber modem, the DSL LED
remains off.
3. After approximately 40 seconds after turning on the power, the Ethernet LED lights
green for any Ethernet devices that are connected.
4. After approximately 80 seconds after turning on the power, the Power LED lights solid
green, indicating that the startup procedure is complete.
5. When an Internet connection is established, the Internet LED lights solid green.
Power LED Is Off
If the Power LED and other LEDs are off when your modem router is turned on, do the
Check that the power cord is correctly connected to your modem router and that the
power supply adapter is correctly connected to a functioning power outlet.
Check that you are using the 12 VDC 1.2A power adapter that NETGEAR supplied for
this product.
If the error persists, a hardware problem might exist. For recovery instructions or help with a
hardware problem, contact technical support at www.netgear.com/support.
WiFi LED Is Off
If the WiFi LED remains off, check to see if the radios on the modem router are turned off
(see Control the WiFi Radios on page 73). By default, the radios are turned on and the WiFi
LED lights solid green.
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