1. Hardware and Internet Setup
The NETGEAR High Speed Cable Modem provides a connection to high-speed cable Internet
with speeds up to 960 Mbps.1 The cable modem is certified by all major cable Internet providers.
A Gigabit Ethernet port provides fast access and downloads. The cable modem supports the
assignment of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by cable Internet providers.
This chapter covers the following topics:
Unpack Your Cable Modem
Front Panel
Product Label
Back Panel
Install and Activate Your Cable Modem
Connect Your Cable Modem to a Router After Installation and Activation
Note: For more information about the topics covered in this manual, visit the
support website at support.netgear.com.
1. Maximum rate is derived from DOCSIS 3.0 specifications and actual throughput varies depending on your Internet subscription with your provider.
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