Internet Configuration
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
WiF Turn the wireless radio in the wireless modem router on and off. The wireless radio is on by
default. The LED located below this button indicates if the wireless radio is on or off.
Solid green Indicates that the wireless port is initialized.
Blinking green Data is being transmitted or received over the wireless link.
Off The wireless access point is turned off.
Internet Port Solid green There is an Internet session.
Solid red There is no Internet connection.
Blinking green Data is being transmitted over the Internet connection.
Blinking green and red Traffic meter limit has been reached.
Off No Internet connection detected or device in bridge mode.
DSL Solid green The ADSL port is synchronized with an ISP’s network access
Blinking green Indicates ADSL training—ADSL is synchronizing with the DSLAM.
Off The unit is off, or there is no IP connection.
USB Off • No USB device connected.
• “Safely Remove Hardware” has been activated.
• An error has occurred with the device.
Solid blue USB device is ready to use.
Blinking blue USB device is in use.
LAN Ports Solid green The local Ethernet ports have detected wired links with computers.
Blinking Data is being transmitted or received.
Off No link is detected on these ports.
Power Solid green The router is powered on and operating normally.
Solid amber POST (power-on self-test) in progress.
Off Power is not supplied to the router.
Restore Factory Settings
Press the Restore Factory Settings button for 6 seconds. The
Power LED lights briefly. When the button is released, the LED
blinks red three times and then turns green as the router resets to
the factory defaults.
Table 1. Front panel button and LED descriptions (continued)
Button/LED Activity Description
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