N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
where IP address is the IP address of a remote device such as your ISP’s DNS server.
If the path is functioning correctly, replies as in the previous section are displayed. If you do
not receive replies:
Check that your computer has the IP address of your router listed as the default wireless
modem router. If the IP configuration of your computer is assigned by DHCP, this
information will not be visible in your computer’s Network Control Panel. Verify that the IP
address of the router is listed as the default wireless modem router.
Check to see that the network address of your computer (the portion of the IP address
specified by the netmask) is different from the network address of the remote device.
Check that your cable or DSL modem is connected and functioning.
If your ISP assigned a host name to your computer, enter that host name as the account
name in the Basic Settings screen.
Your ISP could be rejecting the Ethernet MAC addresses of all but one of your computers.
Many broadband ISPs restrict access by allowing traffic only from the MAC address of
your broadband modem, but some ISPs additionally restrict access to the MAC address
of a single computer connected to that modem. If this is the case, you need to configure
your router to “clone” or “spoof” the MAC address from the authorized computer.
Restore the Default Configuration and Password
This section explains how to restore the factory default configuration settings, changing the
router’s administration password to password and the IP address to You can
erase the current configuration and restore factory defaults in two ways:
Use the Erase function (see Back Up, Restore, and Erase Your Settings on page 54).
Press the Restore Factory Settings button on the bottom of the router.
Use the Restore Factory Settings Button to Reset the Router
To restore the factory default configuration settings when you do not know the administration
password or IP address, use the Restore Factory Settings button on the bottom of the router.
To reset the router:
1. Press and hold the Restore Factory Settings button until the Power LED turns red
(about 6 seconds).
2. Release the Restore Factory Settings button. The LED blinks red three times and then
turns green when the router has reset to the factory default state. Wait for the router to
Problems with Date and Time
In the main menu, under Security, select Schedule to display the current date and time of
day. The wireless modem router uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to obtain the current
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