B. Wall-Mounting
This appendix provides instructions for wall-mounting your wireless modem router.
Your router’s location can affect wireless connections. For example, the thickness and number of
walls the wireless signal needs to pass through might limit its range. For best results, place your
Near an AC power outlet, close to computers you plan to connect with Ethernet cables,
and near locations where you use wireless computers. For best signal strength, the
router should be within line of sight of your wireless devices.
In an elevated location, keeping the number of walls and ceilings between the wireless
modem router and your wireless computers to a minimum.
Away from electrical devices that are potential sources of interference, such as ceiling
fans, home security systems, microwaves, or the base for a cordless phone.
To wall-mount the wireless modem router:
1. Drill holes in the wall where you will wall-mount the router.
Holes should be 9.5 in.
(24.1 cm) center to center.
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