Table 2. Broadband Settings fields
Fields and check boxes Description
Internet Connection Mode The choices are:
• Use ADSL first and if fail use Mobile Broadband connection
• Always use Mobile Broadband connection
• Always use ADSL connection
Failover Detection Method1
1. This field is available only when the internet connection Mode is Use ADSL first and if fail use Mobile
Broadband connection.
Select the failover method, and enter the related information:
• DNS lookup using WAN DNS Server
• Perform a DNS lookup by a hostname
• Ping this IP address
Retry Interval is1 Enter the retry interval.
Failover after1 Enter how many retry attempts to make before failing over.
Resume after1 Enter how long to wait for the primary link to be stabilized before
resuming use of the primary link.
Enable Hardware link detection Enter when to fail over when the Ethernet link is dropped. This is
independent of the DNS or Ping detection method.
Internet Configuration
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Basic ISP Settings
To view or configure the basic settings:
1. From the router menu, select Basic Settings.
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