Internet Configuration
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Cancel. Discard changes.
Refresh. Update the connection status.
1 Table 4. Mobile Broadband Settings fields
1. These fields and check boxes depend on the network.
Fields and check boxes Description
User Name Internet account login user name.
Password Internet account password for authentication.
Country Select your country from the drop-down list.
Internet Service Provider Select your Internet service provider from the drop-down list.
Access Number The remote site's phone number.
PIN code PIN code of the SIM card, where applicable.
APN Access point name.
PDP type Select the type of packet data protocol:
Connect automatically at startup When this check box is selected, the modem automatically connects
to the network when powered up. This should be selected after login
information is provided.
Reconnect automatically when
connection is lost
When this check box is selected, the modem attempts to reconnect to
the network when the connection is lost. Under normal situations, this
setting check box should be selected.
Roaming automatically When this check box is selected, the unit might roam to any available
operator in range and might incur roaming charges.
Wireless Button Configuration Select the option to determine the behavior of the WPS button on the
front panel when it is pressed.
Control WiFi Only: Pressing the button toggles the WiFi function.
If WiFi is turned on, pressing the button turns off the WiFi. Pressing
it again turns on the WiFi. This function is available only if the WiFi
function is enabled. The wireless broadband function is unaffected.
Control Both WiFi and Wireless Broadband: Pressing the button
toggles both the WiFi function and wireless broadband at the same
time. If WiFi is turned on, pressing the button turns off the WiFi. At
the same time, the wireless broadband connection is disconnected.
If you press the button again, WiFi is turned on, and the router
attempts to reestablish the wireless broadband connection.
Depending on the coverage, wireless broadband coverage might or
might not be connected successfully.
Connection status Current WAN port status.
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