2. Wireless Settings
This chapter describes how to use the Wireless Settings screen to view and change (if needed)
your wireless network settings. Security features to prevent objectionable content from reaching
your computers are covered in Chapter 3, Protecting Your Network and Chapter 6, Advanced
This chapter contains the following sections:
Wireless Adapter Compatibility
Preset Security
Security Basics
Add Clients (Computers or Devices) to Your Network
Wireless Settings Screen
Wireless Guest Networks
Wireless Adapter Compatibility
A wireless adapter is the wireless radio in your computer or laptop that lets the computer or
laptop connect to a wireless network. Most computers and laptops come with an adapter
already installed, but if it is outdated or slow, you can purchase a USB adapter to plug into a
USB port.
Make sure the wireless adapter in each computer in your wireless network supports the
same security settings as the wireless modem router. See Preset Security on page 29 for
information about the wireless modem router’s preconfigured security settings.
Note: If you connect devices to your wireless modem router using WPS
as described in Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Method on page 32,
those devices assume the security settings of the wireless modem
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