Wireless Settings
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Disable SSID Broadcast
By default, the wireless modem router broadcasts its WiFi network name (SSID) so devices
can find it. If you change this setting to not allow the broadcast, wireless devices will not find
your wireless modem router unless they are configured with the same SSID. See Wireless
Access Point Settings on page 37 for the procedure.
Note: Turning off SSID broadcast nullifies the wireless network discovery
feature of some products such as Windows XP, but the data is still
fully exposed to a determined snoop using specialized test
equipment like wireless sniffers. If you allow the broadcast, be sure
to keep wireless security enabled.
Restrict Access by MAC Address
You can enhance your network security by allowing access to only specific computers based
on their Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. You can restrict access to only trusted
computers so that unknown computers cannot wirelessly connect to the wireless modem
router. The wireless station MAC address filtering adds additional security protection to the
wireless security option that you have in force. The access list determines which wireless
hardware devices are allowed to connect to the wireless modem router by MAC address.
See Advanced Wireless Settings on page 84 for the procedure.
Wireless Security Options
A security option is the type of security protocol applied to your wireless network. The
security protocol encrypts data transmissions and ensures that only trusted devices receive
authorization to connect to your network. There are several types of encryption: Wi-Fi
Protected Access II (WPA2), WPA, and Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP). WPA2 is the latest
and most secure, and is recommended if your equipment supports it. WPA has several
options including pre-shared key (PSK) encryption and 802.1x encryption for enterprises.
Note that it is also possible to disable wireless security. NETGEAR does not recommend this.
You can view or change the wireless security options in the Wireless Settings screen. See
Wireless Settings Screen on page 33.
Add Clients (Computers or Devices) to Your Network
Choose either the manual or the WPS method to add wireless computers or devices to your
wireless network.
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