Wireless Settings
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Wireless Modem Router Interface Method
To add clients using the wireless modem router interface:
1. Select Add WPS Client at the top of the wireless modem router menus.
2. Click Next. The following screen lets you select the method for adding the WPS client.
WPS Push button method
3. Select either Push Button or PIN Number. With either method, the wireless modem
router tries to communicate with the computer or wireless device, set the wireless
security for wireless device, and allow it to join the wireless network.
The PIN method displays this screen so you can enter the client security PIN number:
WPS PIN method
While the wireless modem router attempts to connect, the WPS LED on the front of the
wireless modem router blinks green. When the wireless modem router establishes a
WPS connection, the LED is solid green, and the wireless modem router WPS screen
displays a confirmation message.
4. Repeat to add another WPS client to your network.
Wireless Settings Screen
The Wireless Settings screen lets you view or change the wireless network settings. Note
that your preset wireless modem router has a unique network name and password, located
on the product label. NETGEAR recommends that you use these settings. If you decide to
change them, note the new settings and save them in a secure location.
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