Wireless Settings
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
Note: If you use a wireless computer to change the wireless network name
(SSID) or security options, you are disconnected when you click
Apply. To avoid this problem, use a computer with a wired
connection to access the wireless modem router.
Consider Every Device on Your Network
Before you begin, check the following:
Every wireless computer has to be able to obtain an IP address by DHCP from the
wireless modem router.
Each computer or wireless adapter in your network needs to have the same SSID and
wireless mode (bandwidth and data rate) as the wireless modem router. Check that the
wireless adapter on each computer can support the mode and security option you want to
The security option on each wireless device in the network needs to match the wireless
modem router. For example, if you select a security option that requires a passphrase, be
sure to use same passphrase for each wireless computer in the network.
View or Change Wireless Settings
Your preset wireless modem router comes set up with a unique wireless network name
(SSID) and network password. This information is printed on the label for your wireless
modem router. You view or change these settings in the Wireless Settings screen. You can
also use this screen to set up guest wireless networks.
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