Wireless Settings
N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN2200M Mobile Edition
4. Enter the four data encryption keys either manually or automatically. These values need to
be identical on all computers and access points in your network.
Automatic. Enter a word or group of printable characters in the Passphrase field and
click Generate. The four key fields are automatically populated with key values.
Manual. The number of hexadecimal digits that you enter depends on the encryption
strength setting:
- For 64-bit WEP, enter 10 hexadecimal digits (any combination of 0–9, a–f, or
- For 128-bit WEP, enter 26 hexadecimal digits (any combination of 0–9, a–f, or
5. Select the radio button for the key you want to make active.
Make sure that you understand how the WEP key settings are configured in your wireless
adapter. Wireless adapter configuration utilities such as the one in Windows XP allow one
key entry, which has to match the default key you set in the wireless modem router.
6. Click Apply.
Wireless Guest Networks
A wireless guest network allows you to provide guests access to your wireless network
without prior authorization of each individual guest. You can configure wireless guest
networks and specify the security options for each wireless guest network.
To set up a wireless guest network:
1. Select Setup > Wireless Settings.
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